At Virtus, the students play the leading role.

A Thriving #SixthFormCommunity

The leading role played by each student within the community, derived from our small-size year groups and the close relationships we nurture, is the key ingredient for their physical, emotional and psychological development. Here, everyone can be themselves. 

Here, everyone is heard. Here, we cultivate the individuality and independence of our students and the acquisition of responsibilities and collaboration, creating a pre-university environment in which everyone contributes. 

Thanks to our students, Virtus is a thriving, vibrant community, full of life, laughter, and opportunities. From student leadership to student clubs, charity work, sports and volunteering – there is something for everyone.

The #SixthFormCommunity that they themselves create every day through their achievements, progress and collaborations fills us with pride.


#University #GateToGate #ALevels

How important university guidance is! We have enjoyed starting careers exploring with Virtus’ Year 12 students and a trip to IE university.


#Physics #ALevels #Curriculum

Virtus’ students inaugurated the new laboratory by studying the forces of physics. Exploring the world of science in an exciting and practical way!


#Graduation #A-Levels #University

The school year is over and our Year 13 students from the class of 2022-23 are already graduated. They will soon begin university!


#CharityWork #CommunityService #StudentCouncil

Our students were cleaning the environment together with SEO Bird Life collecting up to 15kg of rubbish.


#UniversityGuidance #FutureUniversityStudents #IE

Our students visit the IE University campus in Madrid and participate in a workshop on the admission process


#CommunitySevice #NGO #Responsiblecitizens

This December we raised €200 with our Baking Sale to help the NGO One Day Yes.


#Assembly #StudentCouncil #Actualidad

An assembly with our guest, Pablo Melchor, introduced us to his NGO Ayuda Efectiva and how to create a positive impact on people’s lives in the most efficient way possible.


#CodingClub #Co-CurricularClubs #HojadeRuta

The Coding in Python Club is one of our most popular Co-Curricular Clubs. Programming in the Python language is highly valued by universities and the labour market.


#ClimbingClub #ChessClub #ForecastClub

Climbing is in fashion and our students participate in it every week


#AccesoALaUniversidad #UniversityVisit #GateToGate

Our student Íñigo Aguirre receiving his A-Levels diploma at the graduation ceremony, on his way to his next stage at Bristol University to study Mechanical Engineering.

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