Student Led Clubs & Societies

Designed by students, for students.

Developing new interests via Clubs & Societies

The Student Led Clubs & Societies, planned and run by students, is a weekly space for personal development, recreation and exploration. Student led and coordinated by our Clubs and Societies prefect, it is a space for exploring and developing new interests. 

Clubs and Societies occur fortnightly and consist of various activities and discussion spaces. Each club has a student leader who plans the sessions. 

Our Educational Programme, through its links with current affairs and 21st century skills, inspires our students to develop new interests. The Student Led Clubs & Societies complement our educational provision

This collection of Clubs & Societies is constantly evolving. While students suggest new areas of interest, teachers also bring their personal interests and hobbies into the equation. The leadership provided by the student leaders in these Clubs provides a brilliant opportunity for development in this field via their work in the Virtus community.

The flexibility of the Clubs and Societies allows students to leave their personal imprint on the community, develop their interests and passions during their time at Virtus, and connect with the teaching staff in multiple ways.

Clubs & Societies founded by our students in 2023-24

Chess Club

A space for students to challenge and learn from each other and develop skills like problem solving, critical and strategic thinking and independence growth mindset.

Criminology Club

Students explore cases of famous criminals and aim to reach a better understanding of the complexities of the human mind. This also serves as an extension of Psychology as an A-Level subject where critical thinking is further developed.

Yoga Club

Student led, this club infuses calm with movement and helps students switch off and reach a state of peace while improving their physical fitness. Helps to develop focus, resilience and a growth mindset.

Padel Club

Popular among students, this club offers students a chance to switch off, burn some steam and sharpen their focus by challenging one another in a physically demanding activity where teamwork, communication and resilience are further developed.