Pastoral overview

Wide-ranging and proactive pastoral care and wellbeing.

Pastoral overview

Our students have a transversal support network across the entire school with its roots in the Mentoring Programme where mentors establish a working relationship with their students from the first day at Virtus. Through their weekly individual meetings, we create a space of trust during which more tailored support is given.

The cross-linked participation of all teachers in the different branches of the Mentoring Programme means that students forge links with all the teaching staff who, as a group, are involved in the collective wellbeing of every student.

We also have a distinct pastoral team who meets regularly with teachers, mentors and the leadership team to discuss students’ wellbeing. Furthermore, our sanction system provides a framework of boundaries which help students feel safe.

The PSHE Programme covers areas related to the wellbeing of the student and their relationship with the environment. It is an element of risk prevention integrated into our educational programme. There is ongoing support in areas such as nutrition, interpersonal relationships and mental health. Support is also provided to families.

We work with  STEER Education, an internationally recognised platform used as a proactive risk management tool to help students.  Our psycho-pedagogical team channels the platform’s results to anticipate, work on and monitor these risks on time. 

These elements are part of a complete safeguarding strategy from which an unequivocal commitment of the Virtus staff to the protection and wellbeing of students is derived. The support network generated in our Virtus Community allows for effective communication between all parties and an adequate channelling of support resources to guarantee the welfare of our students.

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