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Admissions and fees

  • At least 6 (I)GCSE’s with a minimum grade of C (4) including, mandatorily, Maths and English Language.
  • A minimum grade of 6 (B) in the (I)GCSE subjects that the student wishes to study as A-Levels.
  • To study Mathematics and/or Science, students must have at least a grade 7 (A) in the equivalent (I)GCSE.
  • To study Further Mathematics, students must have at least a grade 8-9 (A*) in Mathematics (I)GCSE.

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Virtus is a British school with English as the only language of instruction. As long as a student has a native level of English or C2 level and meets the entry requirements, he/she can join the school, once each case has been evaluated individually during the admission process.

Educational Programme

At Virtus, students choose 4 A-Level subjects to study over the course of two academic years (Year 12 and 13). Unlike other systems, this allows students to specialise based on their strengths, thus maximising their chances of gaining a place at renowned universities.

A-Level subjects cover a very broad spectrum of topics and are taught in greater depth than in other educational programmes, something that universities highly value. In addition, the British system is internationally recognised, which means that an A-Level student can access any university in the world.

As a point of difference compared to other British schools in Madrid, Virtus works with Pearson International A-Levels (IALs); this allows students to sit for exams in January and May of Year 12 and Year 13, thus dividing the content into four separate examination series.

It is also the only examination board that evaluates in a modular way. The advantages of this examination strategy and modular approach to teaching are innumerable.

Virtus offers a bespoke education, working in groups with an average of 5 students and a maximum of 9 per classroom. Being a Sixth Form College, it is a school specialised exclusively in the A-Level stage, with all the resources needed by students between 15 and 18 years of age.

Unlike other British schools, our focus is exclusively on university and on making sure that each of our students gains access to the institution they are aiming for. For this reason, we design a Roadmap (a tailored two-year strategy) for each student with the personal and academic objectives to be achieved during Year 12 and Year 13. Participation in the Co-Curriculum is a key element of this Roadmap and helps students acquire skills and competencies related to their degree of choice and which are highly valued by universities as a means of standing out from other candidates.

The Co-Curriculum is the cornerstone for equipping our students with transversal skills that allow them to face the challenges of the 21st century, such as critical thinking skills, intellectual curiosity and public speaking. They also develop a global perspective and a broader knowledge about their academic and professional interests.

Through our Co-Curricular Clubs, our students build links between the A-Level subjects they take and their university interests, undertaking hands-on projects that simulate their future university or work experience.

On the other hand, our focus on Debating, Public Speaking & Drama through the Stage Space offers our students multiple opportunities to develop their communication skills and self-management.

For those students with curricular interests that go beyond the scope of A-Levels, we provide support in completing the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) or preparing for the Maths or Physics Olympiad.

For more able students  with curricular interests that go beyond the scope of A-Levels, we offer a range of opportunities and a host of qualifications such as the EPQ, the Crest Award, the Certificate in Financial Studies, UKMT maths competitions, and Olympiads in the sciences.

University access

We have designed a range of career activities and advice for each pathway, recognising that each student is different and need to adapt these. Virtus is ambitious and engages in bespoke career experiences and university preparation which entail workshops, speakers and extra qualifications.

Currently, thanks to the extensions in the homologation agreement between Spain and the United Kingdom, it is not necessary to take the EvAU (Selectividad) to get a maximum grade of 10 points if your child is taking A-Levels (British system). In order to secure the 4 additional points, students will need to prepare for two Spanish system exams, the “Pruebas de Competencia Específica”. This is only relevant for Spanish public universities, and not for private ones which accept a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 4 A Level grades.

Students who study A-Levels can, therefore, access any career and university (private or public) in Spain.

A correct choice of A-Level subjects is essential and at Virtus this is a key aspect of the Vocational Profile process that we carry out with each of our students before starting Year 12. As such, we help our students choose their subjects based on the results of different vocational and ability tests and by listening to their personal interests.

New location

Virtus moved to its new facilities at C/ Salvia 46 (La Moraleja) at the start of the 2023-24 academic year. This change of location has allowed, among other things, to increase our sports offer, dedicate more time to the Stage Space (debating and performing arts) and launch new Student Clubs & Societies. In addition, the new facilities have been decisive to culminate the Sixth Form atmosphere of Virtus.

Our school hours are from 08:30 to 16:20 from Monday to Friday.

Further information

There are demanding minimum entry requirements that must be met to secure a place at Virtus. We have a spectrum ranging from brilliant students who later on attend prestigious universities to students who need more support. The fundamental aspect of our educational model is that it allows such a high level of personalisation that we are able to maximise each student’s potential, helping them meet their goals. The common attribute of all our students is their ambition to access the best university they can aspire to. The spectrum of final grades is mostly between A* and B.

Further Maths, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Business, Geography, Psychology, Media, English, Spanish.*

*Spanish A-Level is compulsory for all native Spanish speakers.