New Location

We start the new academic school year 2023-2024 with Virtus, the Sixth Form College of Madrid at our new premises on C/Salvia 44-46. This move permits us to, amongst other things, improve our co-curricular programme (sports, debate, visual arts and clubs and societies), offer Clinics (after school subject support) and equip our students with a space that offers them a pre-university atmosphere, in the true spirit of a Sixth Form College.

During the 22-23 academic year, Virtus, the Sixth Form College of Madrid will remain at their current premises (C/Valportillo Segunda 14) and school hours will be from 9:00 – 14:00.

During the 23-24 academic year, Virtus, the Sixth Form College of Madrid, once at our new premises (c/Salvia 44-46), school hours will be from 9:00 to 17:00.

Our Program

At A level, students choose 4 subjects to specialise in during their final two years (Y12 and Y13) at Virtus, the Sixth Form College of Madrid. The main advantage, and its differential factor is that it allows students to specialise in subjects based on their strengths and enhances their University entry possibilities.

A Level subjects cover a wide range of subject matter in greater depth than other educational systems, which is highly regarded by Universities. Furthermore, the British Educational system is universally recognised which allows students the access to Universities all around the world.

What sets us apart from other British schools in Madrid is the fact that students at Virtus, the Sixth Form College of Madrid, sit the International A Levels (IALs) which allow the students to sit their exams in a modular way during Year 12 and Year 13, spreading their workload over the two years. This is the only system that allows for modular evaluation.

Virtus, the Sixth Form College of Madrid offers a holistic education, merging the A-level educational system with the acquisition of skills and knowledge imperative and indispensable in the XXI century, and essential for University and future employment opportunities; like critical thinking, communication and digital literacy.

We are opting for an innovative initiative in which both students and the faculty work with iPads and educational applications. This increases our students’ digital literacy, allows them to utilise the connectivity of the internet and its real life application, as well as their personal organisational skills; and at the same time allowing teachers to create a learning environment in which the student is at its core.
The Virtus model is personalised as we work with 9 students per classroom.

Students are constantly developing and mastering their skills during the course of their studies at Virtus. Our co-curricular program, and the importance of our Debate and Visual Arts clubs, allows our students to master skills such as leadership, oral expression or discourse abilities.

The EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) allows students to develop critical thinking skills at the same time as their investigative and research abilities.

Thanks to our digitalisation of the workplace (iPad + Apple pencil + Keyboard), students gain definite digital competencies and personal organisational skills.

This model, alongside our offer of Clubs and Societies (e.g Finance Club, Programming Club), allows us to engage students in a well rounded educational atmosphere that adequately and efficiently prepares them for the future.

The EPQ is an individual or collaborative investigative project, which all our students will research and develop during their two years at Virtus; the primary benefit being the development and refinement of investigative, research and evaluation skills, while working on a university level essay. It is a vital component of the Virtus educational syllabus. An outstanding grade in the EPQ has great advantages to access to British universities.

Admission and timings

  • Pupils are expected to have a minimum 6 (I)GCSE passes with a C (4) level, including Mathematics and English Language.

  • Pupils must have obtained an A (7) or a B(6) at (I)GCSE for the subjects they wish to study at A Level.

  • In order to choose Further Mathematics as an A Level subject, students must have obtained an A* (8-9) at (I)GCSE.

You can find the fees for Virtus, the Sixth Form College of Madrid here.

Virtus, the Sixth Form College of Madrid is a British school where all subjects are taught in English. The student must take a written English test prior to enrolment. A C2 level (native level) is required for admission and each case will be assessed on an individual basis.

Further information

Students at Virtus, the Sixth Form College of Madrid, are varied both in nature and nationalities, which in our opinion, brings students closer to the realities of their lives. We have minimum entry requirements, and we have students that have fantastic university offers, as well as students who need greater support. Our fundamental tenet is that the model of Virtus, the Sixth Form College of Madrid allows for a personalised approach to each student, allowing them to grow to their full potential, and achieve their goals.

You can have a look at our results here.

Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Business, Geography, Psychology, French, English, Spanish.

University Access

A British educational system of A Levels are internationally recognised and accepted by all universities. By studying four A Level subjects, students are automatically able to obtain the 14 points in the EvAU. A Levels are recognised as equivalent to the Spanish “bachillerato”.

Therefore any student undertaking an A Level system has access to any degree and university (public and private).

At Virtus, the Sixth Form College of Madrid, the selection of A Level subjects is part of or university counselling. We help our students select their subjects according to their preferences and taking into account their capabilities and skills.