History and governance

Building a personalised and innovative education since 2016.

School history

Virtus was born in 2016 to offer an innovative and personalised education that could fulfil an educational need increasingly demanded by parents who choose a British education.

The concept dates back to the origins of the first public schools in the United Kingdom, where the student to teacher ratio was capped in order to meet individual needs. This helped students feel supported by teachers and generated a collective sense of encouragement, motivation and ambition that benefited the entire school.

When the founders came together after finishing their studies at Oxford University and Imperial College London, they shared the vision of creating a Sixth Form College with an educational model where excellence prevails in all aspects, training students for the challenges of the future. Since then, the trust of parents and students has allowed Virtus to grow and establish itself. With the new facilities in the heart of La Moraleja, Virtus continues to solidify its identity as a British school specialised exclusively in the A-Level stage.

An independent

members of the schools trust

Virtus is a fully independent British School, not governed by an external organisation, and one of the few schools with this status remaining in Spain. We believe that the autonomy that such a status provides is imperative in ensuring the success of our educational model and in making sure that we do not compromise our standards. 

While we are fully independent, we do recognise the benefits in our chartered relationship with the Schools Trust, which has proven to be an ideal source of added value over the years. The Trust is a UK registered organisation that supports schools worldwide. Together, we pursue a common vision of excellence, fuelled by the proposition that every student should be inspired to achieve extraordinary success. This is realised by instilling in them a love for learning, a relentless pursuit of ambitious goals and a respect for core values in line with the very best of our British educational heritage. 

The Virtus board of advisors is composed of experts from different backgrounds in the educational sector and a combined experience of over 50 years founding and operating top international schools. Their role is to help in the continuous development of the school’s policies and its commitment to best standards, provide advice for improvement and contribute to the innovative educational vision of Virtus.

In the picture, a recent meeting together with Directors and Headteachers of schools chartered by the Trust.

The School Charter is a foundational document setting the mission, vision and guiding principles of schools governed by The Schools Trust.