The sense of community and belonging in Virtus must be a source of pride.

To class with class

The Virtus uniform is an essential extension of our identity as a Sixth Form College, and since we have older students, we want it to convey elegance as well as modernity. Our uniform allows students to be comfortable but at the same time to be dressed appropriately and in accordance with the values ​​of our school.

All uniform items are mandatory except for shoes, which can be chosen by the students as long as the colours are dark and respect a smart-casual style. The school will provide guidance regarding the start and end of the summer and winter uniforms, depending on the seasonal weather conditions. 

On P.E days students must bring their sports uniform in a separate bag and this must include the appropriate trainers for the sports activity taking place. The P.E uniform must be worn exclusively during the designated time and students are expected to shower and change back to their daily uniform before returning to classes. 

Students are expected to wear the uniform correctly at all times throughout the year, both inside the school and wherever they are representing it.


Daily uniform

Sports uniform

Additional daily uniform
and winter uniform accessories

  • Dark socks.
  • Dark smart shoes.
  • Dark coats.
  • White socks or trainers are not permitted.
  • Accessories such as caps and bracelets, rings and piercings are not permitted. Earrings are only permitted for girls provided that they are discreet.
  • Female students may wear knee-length skirts.

Additional sports uniform accessories

  • White socks.
  • White trainers.