Our Teachers

Our success is based on teachers with unique qualities and a profound commitment towards their students.

Experience, vocation
and unique qualities

The success of Virtus lies in having the best teachers, who also bring a series of qualities necessary to make our educational model a reality. Thanks to a meticulous hiring process, we find the talent we need to combine a team with experience, a real vocation for its field and in tune with our values. They are the indispensable asset of our Gate-to-Gate Model and are in charge of monitoring the Roadmap of each student through the weekly sessions of the Mentoring Programme.

We have highly qualified professionals, experts in their A-Level subjects and who in turn have specific talents that they have developed personally over time. Among our teachers there are passionates of the world of finance, programming or psychology among others. We transform this passion into Co-Curricular Clubs, which are designed and developed by the teachers themselves so that our students discover new interests, deepen their knowledge of the field they have chosen and acquire skills and experiences with which to impress universities in their application

Our teachers inspire and pass on to students their vocation for knowledge, while transmitting the values of daily effort, self-confidence and integrity. In addition, by working in small groups, communication and understanding with students is easier, helping to forge a relationship of trust that is essential for academic progress.