Our Teachers

Our success is based on teachers with unique qualities and a profound commitment to their students.

Experience, vocation
and unique qualities

The success of Virtus lies in having the best teachers who possess the qualities necessary to make our educational model a reality. As a result of a meticulous hiring process, we are fortunate to build a team of teachers whose experience and dedication to their fields reflect  our values as an institution. They are the indispensable assets of our Gate-to-Gate Model and assume the weekly responsibility of monitoring each student to ensure the goals set in the Roadmap are continually met.

In addition to being experts in their A-Level subjects, our teachers have specific talents that they have developed personally over time. Among our teachers are enthusiasts in the world of finance, programming and psychology among others. We capitalise on their passions in  Co-Curricular Clubs, which are designed and developed by the teachers themselves so that our students discover new interests, deepen their knowledge of the field they have chosen and acquire skills and experiences with which to impress universities in their application.

Our teachers inspire and pass on to their students the love for life-long learning while imparting the values of daily effort, self-confidence and integrity.  Working in small groups promotes a trusting relationship between teachers and students which is integral to academic progress.

teachers at Virtus, British Sixth Form College