Mentoring process

Our dedicated team of mentors guide our students from the beginning of Year 12, until the end of Year 13; from the gates of our school, to the gates of university.

Complete, personalised support

At the beginning of Year 12, every student is paired with a dedicated mentor. Working in close coordination with the school and teaching staff, these mentors play a crucial role in translating the student’s aspirations into actionable and achievable targets. We recognise that no two students are alike, and as such, our Mentoring Programme is flexible and adaptable. It allows us to tailor strategies and dynamics to each student’s unique needs, throughout their two-year A-Level journey.

Our Mentoring Programme is designed to address each student’s academic, university, and personal goals, ensuring that they stay on track as per their individual Roadmap. The close relationship fostered during the weekly meetings between mentors and students is instrumental in achieving this.

Ongoing communication
and adaptation

Continuous communication between the student’s mentor, teaching staff, the educational support team, and pastoral care departments is a fundamental aspect of our Mentoring Programme. This collaborative approach enables us to shape the focus of mentoring sessions and adapt to the evolving needs of each student. The Roadmap is a living document, updated as the year progresses to address new situations and challenges that may arise.

Integral part of pastoral care

The Mentoring Programme is not only a support system for academic success but is also integral to our pastoral care and the overall wellbeing of our students. We place a strong emphasis on personal development, and our Mentoring Programme actively encourages and monitors students’ participation in various aspects of the Sixth Form community. This includes their involvement in Student Led Clubs & Societies, the Stage Space, and leadership positions in the Student Council. Through the Mentoring Programme, we aim to empower each student to make a lasting impact within our community and assume responsibilities that contribute to their growth as well-rounded individuals.

Our Mentoring Programme is a dynamic and adaptive support system that ensures each student receives tailored guidance throughout their A-Level journey. Through a combination of individualised mentorship and continuous communication with the entire educational team, we foster excellence, independence, and self-confidence in our students, ultimately preparing them for success in their academic pursuits and in making meaningful contributions to our vibrant Virtus community.