Why us?

British education, redefined.

A unique
educational approach

  • At Virtus, we offer a holistic curriculum tailored to each student, with a one-of-a-kind support for university entry and a focus on 21st century skills.
  • We begin when you walk through our gates; our early assessment approach prepares a bespoke profile and a roadmap for each of our students before the academic year starts to map out their university strategy. This is known as the Gate-to-Gate Model.
  • Our Educational Programme offers a core of rigorous British A-Levels, and goes beyond the classroom; offering students university guidance that matches their aspirations. 
  • We provide academic support at every stage of their 2-year-programme on a weekly individual basis.
  • The personalised roadmap we design with our students is adapted to fit each student’s development and any new academic, personal or university-related goals that may arise.

A flexible and
holistic curriculum

  • We adopt a modular approach with International A-Levels, giving students the chance to break down the examination process into January and June examinations, annually. 
  • Our examination strategy ensures that they are in the best position to achieve outstanding grades as each examination moment cumulatively adds to their final grades.
  • Our curriculum is designed to give our students limitless opportunities for holistic development with an enhanced emphasis on the performing arts, oratorical and technological skills built on the maturity and curiosity shown by students in their last two years of school.

Positive learning

  • At Virtus, we pride ourselves on offering a British education with small class sizes; an average of 5 per class where no student is just a number.
  • In addition, our facilities have an atmosphere akin to university, facilitating the bridge between Sixth Form and higher education; preparing our students for the transition.
  • Our nurturing environment is characterised by a 1:4 staff-student ratio that guarantees a unique pastoral care by Virtus staff who are inspiring teachers and adept at creating warm relationships and positive rapport with the students.
  • This transcends to a positive learning environment that fosters responsibility, independence and cooperation.

We offer a truly personalised approach to education

  • We work in classes with an average of 5 students and there are 45 students per year group. This enables us to get to know our students really well.
  • We design a curriculum roadmap based on each student’s profile. The roadmap aligns our Educational Programme with the interests and strengths of each student and with their career aspirations. 
  • Our Gate-to-Gate Model therefore ensures a one-of-a-kind approach for the strategy, support and enrichment for university preparation.
  • Our Clubs & Societies, organised by our students, nurture the burgeoning interests that may emerge during the year while developing those already existing.
  • Our Mentoring Programme offers weekly individual support at every stage of the academic year.

We are defined by innovation

  • The flexibility of our Educational Programme is unique when it comes to adapting to the needs of our students, from the moment they enter Virtus until they graduate.
  • The role of our teachers transcends the academic, cultivating closer and more meaningful relationships with the students, thanks to our small groups and their additional role as mentors.
  • Our educational environment features the best tools from the education sector and an innovative pedagogy based on active learning with key components of Assessment, Challenge and Engagement in each lesson.
  • We provide our students with proactive pastoral care based on an in-depth knowledge of their personalities through constant monitoring and professional psycho-pedagogical support.