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Academic results

Virtus’ academic results align with our main objective: that all students gain access to their first or second choice university each year at the most prestigious institutions in the world. Principally, Virtus graduates are evenly distributed between the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Spain. These countries continue to be the preferred destinations due to the outstanding education and job opportunities, although recently there have been students studying for their degree in the United States, Italy, Switzerland and Hungary, among others. The reputation of the universities they gain entrance to is proof of our persistent pursuit of excellence, helping each student to be the best version of themselves.

academic results at Virtus, British Sixth Form College

Graduating class of 2021-22

We want to congratulate the graduating class of 2021/22 for their fantastic academic results, having achieved 46% A*-A in some particularly tough exams marked by the return to normality after the pandemic, once the teacher assessed grades were no longer in place. For yet another year, all the students gained access to their first or second choice university and we wish them the best in their next stage, in destinations such as Business and Engineering at The University of Warwick, Economics and Econometrics at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, International Business at Duke University, Psychology at ICADE or Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence at IE University. In addition, it is worth noting Design Engineering at the University of Bristol and Entrepreneurship at the University of Kent as the most unique careers given their particularity.

Students in the current cohort have already completed their applications and this year there is a special preference for careers related to Business & Management, Engineering, Biomedicine/Medicine. To date, we have received offers from universities such as Imperial College London, St. Andrews University and UCL in the United Kingdom, IE University in Spain, Leiden University and the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

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The Gate-to-Gate Model

In recent years, we have seen that the requirements of the most prestigious universities in the world steer in the direction of students with well-rounded profiles. Students who can demonstrate competencies and skills related to their careers stand better chances of gaining admission.

Given this reality, our Gate-to-Gate Model serves to guide our students from the doors of Virtus to the doors of the university through a personalised strategy that enriches their profile with tangible experiences they can use to submit a complete university application. In an increasingly competitive world, a comprehensive and conscientious preparation during the most decisive school years is vital.

University Destinations