Co-Curriculum overview

A Co-Curriculum which prepares students for their future careers.

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Our co-curricular options are a fundamental component of our pre-university approach and stretch students’ learning beyond the traditional classroom. These options cater to the specific interests and aspirations of our students, allowing them to delve deeper into academic fields related to their university aspirations and as such strengthen their applications.

They are designed with curriculum pathways in mind. Whether students are interested in Humanities & Media Studies, Business, Finance & Entrepreneurship, Engineering, Maths & Physics, or Biomedical Sciences, there’s an option tailored to each pathway.

There is also an option for some students to further stretch and challenge themselves by undertaking an extra co-curricular option which offers a formal qualification such as an EPQ in Cybersecurity, the science focused Crest Award, or the Certificate in Financial Studies accredited by the London Institute of Banking & Finance. This is by invitation only.

Our Programme is characterised by:

Offering the best resources: many co-curricular options will make use of online resources published and licensed by recognised British institutions which is only possible through our unique partnership with them.

Being centred around competencies: our co-curricular options take a hands-on approach, focusing on the development of skills directly relevant to many preferred university degrees. Through the completion of projects and assignments, students gain valuable practical experience, enhancing their awareness of the reality and opportunities in various fields of interest.

Providing a window to reality: participating in co-curricular options not only strengthens university applications but also provides insights into the labour market and different career paths. By engaging with various sectors and industries, students will better understand the needs of society and gain a broader perspective on the world around them which is imperative in order to prepare for success beyond the walls of Virtus.