The Co-Curriculum is the primary tool to equip our students with competencies related to their degree of choice and skills that allow them to face the challenges of the 21st-century.

Looking at the future

Universities increasingly look for students with well-rounded profiles to secure a place in their courses.

At Virtus, the Co-Curriculum offer revolves around the Gate-to-Gate Model: from the gate of the school to the gate of the university. The Co-Curriculum has two main branches: on the one hand, the Co-Curricular Clubs are a fundamental piece of our pre-university approach, providing students with specific skills and knowledge highly valued by universities to delve into an academic field of their interest.

On the other hand, the Stage Space is a programme based on the participation of students in formal debates (revolving around cultural and current issues) and the performing arts and theatre.

The Co-Curriculum is the cornerstone for equipping our students with transversal skills that allow them to face the challenges of the 21st-century, such as critical thinking, intellectual curiosity and public speaking.  It also offers a global outlook and a broader knowledge of their academic and professional interests.

“The Co-Curriculum is the cornerstone for equipping our students with transversal skills that allow them to face the challenges of the 21st-century”.

Co-Curricular Clubs

Based on students’ interests and taking into account their university and professional careers in the future, we plan a Co-Curricular Club Roadmap to foster and explore existing passions and awaken new ones.

The Co-Curricular Clubs are a unique opportunity to delve into specific academic fields related to the university aspirations of Virtus students. In addition, they represent an excellent plus point to impress universities with projects and tangible experiences during the university application process.

Humanities &
Media Studies

Business, Finance & Entrepreneurship

Maths & Physics


Humanities &
Media Studies

Politics & IR Club

Get to know the world that surrounds us through politics, economics and international relations.

School Newspaper

Develop journalistic skills by narrating current events.

Media & Audiovisual Club

Explore the communication channels that young people use today to connect with audiences.

Business, Finance &

Finance Club

Bring students closer to the world of personal finance and investment.

Business Development Club

Develop entrepreneurial skills through the creation of an e-commerce.

Business & Data Analysis Club

Help students develop their analytical skills applied to the world of business and data analysis.

Maths & Physics

Coding in Python

An introduction to the world of programming in Python.

Mathematics Club

Develop advanced mathematical skills to complement the A-Level mathematics curriculum.


Psychology Club

An in-depth exploration of the field of psychology.

Medicine Club

An in-depth exploration of the disciplines in the medical profession.

Specific clubs for each profile:

Students are split into 4 groups based on their profile and university degree that interests them. Humanities & Media studies; Business, Finance & Entrepreneurship; Engineering, Maths & Physics; and Biomedical Sciences. Depending on their profile, they are assigned the Co-Curricular Clubs that best suit their needs, interests and university objectives.

Taught by specialists:

Our teachers are experts in different areas other than teaching. Through the Co-Curricular Clubs, they provide the connection between theories and real-world applications, passing on their experience to students.

Centred around competencies:

All Co-Curricular Clubs have a hands-on approach, during which students develop skills directly related to their preferred university degrees via the completion of projects. This experience greatly helps our students to gain awareness of the reality and opportunities behind their interests and to impress universities with tangible experiences.

A window to reality:

Students benefit from getting an insight into the labour market world and knowing different sectors and careers more closely. In addition to being necessary for the university application, it allows our students to better understand the society surrounding them and its needs.

At Virtus, the Co-Curricular Clubs are an essential experience in the daily life of our students.

stage space co-curriculum

Stage Space

Skills such as critical thinking, communication skills, performance under pressure or intellectual curiosity are highly demanded in the working world and essential in many spheres inside and outside of it. The Stage Space, a programme in which all students participate, seeks through its activities the development of these skills while presenting stimulating topics and global problems to the student.

The weekly Stage Space programme combines informative sessions with debates in small groups in which the active participation of the students prevails. Our approach in this area is key to generating a sense of community and working on personal development.

We take advantage of the topics that arise around these activities to inculcate in our students the value of rigorous research, intellectual curiosity and an in-depth view of the challenges of society and the big questions for humanity.


Multiple debate formats, accompanied by sessions where we jointly explore and investigate major topics, provide our students with rhetorical and critical thinking skills and an opportunity to work on performance under pressure.


Through performing arts and theatre, we help our students develop their verbal and non-verbal communication, their imagination and creativity, as well as their ability to work as a team.