Charity and community service

A space where students give back to society and expand their horizons.

Charity and volunteering

The charity work at Virtus, through its volunteering and annual collaboration with various NGOs, is the foundation in transmitting values such as tolerance, integrity and teamwork while cultivating a global social responsibility amongst our student body who are the next generation of global citizens. 

We actively seek out, promote and expect our students to make their community a better place through performing tangible actions in the environment that surrounds us. Each student is therefore expected to volunteer 10 hours per academic year in order to positively contribute to our community and wider society.

The importance of charity at Virtus is best illustrated through the key role of the Charity Prefect  who coordinates aspects of promoting volunteering.

A range of volunteering options are promoted centrally, and many align with students interests and career aspirations

Examples of organisations the Virtus community service supports:

  • Ecoalf: a river cleaning initiative that promotes environmental awareness.
  • Avanza ONG: volunteer services for people at risk of exclusion.
  • One Day Yes: helping in funding Twashukuru School for young children in Kenya.
  • Siempre Madre: supporting mothers without resources by providing them with necessities for themselves and their children.