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The number of places at Virtus is very limited and the admissions process is open until the 31st of March.
Applications submitted after this date will only be considered if there are spaces available.

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This form should only be completed by parents who have a firm intention to join our British school.
We will then contact you within 24 hours.

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Preliminary A- Level choice

Please select your preferred A-Level subject choice from the drop-down menu below.

Students that are native in Spanish must pick A-Level Spanish compulsorily and an additional 3 A-Levels. Non-native Spanish speakers may only select 3 A-Level subjects if they wish to.

The final choice of A-Level subjects at Virtus depends upon many factors and is influenced by the results of the Vocational Profile and any previous qualifications, whilst taking into account the natural preference of the student.

Preliminary university degree choice

Learning difficulties and medical conditions

Learning difficulties
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The parent/guardian confirms that they have seen and understood the Tuition fees and additional costs at Virtus, The British Sixth Form College, as published in our website (

We request that the above named child be registered as a prospective student for Virtus, The British Sixth Form College and understand that this Application Form does not secure a place but does ensure that the student will be considered.

An inclusive school

Our admissions process is eminently designed to get to know our prospective students in depth, and envision how Virtus can help them throughout their Sixth Form journey. We pride ourselves in being able to help students from a wide range of backgrounds and personalities, and strive for our centre to be a reflection of the real world itself. Our inclusive mentality intertwines with our focus on academics. Students are asked to achieve Bs and As in their IGCSEs to be accepted in the school and ambition, hard work and resilience are highly valued in our candidates.

Our admissions process

Our admissions process consists of four steps and will take an average of 15 days to complete. We will guide all candidates through the process itself.

Please bear in mind that the tests we carry out at Virtus cannot be prepared for and the results of these are not used to accept or reject candidates, but rather to better understand their profile and hence lay the foundations of how to tailor our education.

All of the results derived from the admissions process along with an initial analysis of recommended A-Level choices are synthesised in a Vocational Profile report that we will provide you at the end of the process

After the admissions process is completed there is a further meeting with the family to discuss the Vocational Profile results and preliminary A-Level choices, and to start to explore the ways in which Virtus will be able to help the student throughout the journey. 

Step 1

Fill in the application form

Apply directly via our application form.

Step 2

Admissions Meeting

This is a chance to visit the school and let us show you why Virtus is the right choice.

Step 3

Student Interview and Tests

Personal interview and a variety of tests, both online and face-to-face, to help us understand your profile.

Step 4

Vocational Profile results and resolution of the admissions committee

Find out how Virtus can best help you achieve your goals.

Entry requirements

Our minimum entry requirements are:

At least 6 (I)GCSE’s with a minimum grade of C (4) including, mandatorily, Maths and English Language.

A minimum grade of 6 (B) in the (I)GCSE subjects that the student wishes to study as A-Levels.

To study Mathematics and/or Science, students must have at least a grade 7 (A) in the equivalent (I)GCSE.

To study Further Mathematics, students must have at least a grade 8-9 (A*) in Mathematics (I)GCSE.

For students currently studying in a system other than the British system (MYP, Spanish system, American system, French system, etc.) please contact our Admissions department.

Contact us

The Virtus Admissions team is here to help all families with any matters related to the school, from the application process to visiting the new facilities. Please do not hesitate to contact us via email, mobile or WhatsApp.

Our admission process is in line with the rigour of our Educational Programme, so we encourage families to start the admission process early, since the number of places available is very limited.