A proud British educational tradition.

Virtus’ houses

Following a proud British educational tradition, at Virtus we have established four distinct houses which we assign to each student: Attenborough, Austen, Hawking and Seacole. Year 12 and Year 13 students are grouped together in these houses, allowing them to connect with peers from various year groups and subject areas. This encourages a sense of community and diversity within our student body, enriching their overall educational experience and also preparing them for later stages in life when they will be interacting and collaborating with individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Furthermore, our House System promotes healthy competition among students. They engage in inter-house competitions encompassing a range of activities, including drama and sports. These events not only highlight our students’ talents but also teach them the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship. We also maintain a house point system that rewards positive contributions and accomplishments to encourage each student to actively participate in the creation of a dynamic school experience.


Named after Mary Seacole, this house fosters empathy, resilience, and service, inspiring students to make positive impacts in their community.


Honouring Jane Austen, this house celebrates creativity, critical thinking, and a love for literature, encouraging students to explore the richness of language and culture.


Named after Sir David Attenborough, this house promotes environmental awareness and conservation, inspiring students to become stewards of the Earth through hands-on exploration and research.


Inspired by Stephen Hawking, this house champions intellectual curiosity, innovation, and scientific inquiry, empowering students to push the boundaries of knowledge and embrace challenges with determination.