Student leadership

Empowering our students to become the next generation’s leaders.

Student leadership
and positions

Leadership and positions which help develop students’ global social responsibility are plentiful within the Virtus community. These roles represent a unique opportunity to grant more responsibility and commitment to our students at this critical stage in their personal and professional development. 

For some students, development in this area is pivotal to achieving personal goals. The leap in maturity we observe in such students is a direct consequence of the trust we collectively place in them. These positions allow students to shape their experience at Virtus based on their interests and passions. Under the concept of “responsible freedom”, they enjoy the independence of action within the limits of making good use of the responsibility entrusted to them. They can grow to better understand their own strengths and weaknesses and also help shape others’ development through their contribution and leadership. 

Not only does it benefit their personal development, their professional and academic development also benefits as they are able to demonstrate the necessary skills and maturity expected and valued by many universities.

“This approach is ideal at an age in which students look for values and references to find their place and voice in society. At Virtus they find a setting with almost unlimited opportunities to develop their talents.”

Key positions of leadership are summarised below.

Head Boy and Head Girl: ambassadors and role models for the student body.

Sports, Clubs, and Societies Prefect: coordinate co-curricular activities.

Charity and Volunteering Prefect: organise charitable initiatives.

School Marketing Prefect: manage marketing and branding efforts.

Pastoral Prefect: provide wellbeing and emotional support.

Student Council Chair: lead the Student Council.

Student Council Co-Chair/Secretary: support council operations.

House Captain: foster a sense of belonging within the house system.

Virtus Newspaper Editor: overseeing and liaising the Student Council contributions to the Virtus Herald.

The Student Council

The mission of the Student Council is to improve and promote educational, supportive and common interest activities for the student body. It is a crucial part of our leadership offer at Virtus since it is wholly student led. 

Our Student Council plays a vital role within the school’s organisation since they speak for their year groups, organise events, lead in the community service projects and be an example for the rest of the classmates. Among their other responsibilities is also organising and promoting Student Clubs and Societies.

This involves considering students’ and teachers’ interests, initiative viability, and organising school events to strengthen students’ organisational, teamwork, resilience, and leadership skills.

It also fosters the spirit of community and the academic involvement of students in general.

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