Student Leadership

Learn about our Student Council & Charity Work.

Student leadership

Leadership and social assistance positions within the Virtus Community represent a unique opportunity to grant more responsibility and commitment to our students at this critical stage in their development.

For some students, development in this area is pivotal to achieving personal goals. The leap in maturity we observe in such students is a direct consequence of the trust we collectively place in them.

These positions allow students to shape their experience at Virtus based on their interests and passions. Under the concept of “responsible freedom”, they enjoy the independence of action within the limits of making good use of the responsibility entrusted to them.

Both the Student Council and Charity Work are key elements in the personal development of our students.

student council at Virtus

“This approach is ideal at an age in which students look for values and references to find their place and voice in society. At Virtus they find a setting with almost unlimited opportunities to develop their talents.”

Student Council

The mission of the Student Council is to improve and promote educational, supportive and common interest activities for the rest of the students.

Our Student Council plays a vital role within the school’s organisation since they speak for their year groups, organise events, lead in the community service projects and be an example for the rest of the classmates.

Among their responsibilities is organising and promoting Student Clubs and Societies. To do this, they must take into account both the interests and hobbies of students and teachers, as well as the viability of their initiatives. In conjunction with the organisation of school trips, sports competitions, work within the community or the participation of guest speakers, these responsibilities provide students with organisational, teamwork, resilience and leadership skills. It also fosters the spirit of community and the academic involvement of students in general.

Charity Work

The charity work of the Student Council, through its annual collaboration with various NGOs, is a cornerstone in transmitting values such as tolerance, integrity or teamwork while cultivating a commitment to society and performing tangible actions in the environment that surrounds us.

Students choose which charity companies they collaborate with each academic year and combine global fundraising events in which the entire year group participates with a periodic collaboration for the benefit of the community.

community support at Virtus student council

This academic year 22-23, our community service supports:

  • Avanza ONG: through volunteer services for people at risk of exclusion
  • The Siempre Madres foundation: supporting mothers without resources, providing them with the necessary materials for themselves and their children’s upbringing.