Gate-to-Gate Model

A bespoke educational program, tailored to the needs of each student, with a unique support for university access and a focus on 21st-century skills.

Academic, University
& Personal goals

We explain Virtus through the Goals of the Gate-to-Gate model.

The Vocational Profile that we carry out for each student, added to their personal and academic interests, allows us to design a Roadmap for their school stage in Virtus aimed at development on three fronts: academic, university and personal.

The Roadmap determines to a large extent the aspects of the educational program in which the student participates, how the academic support materialises and the areas to work on with the Mentor

University Goals

Our Gate-to-Gate Model builds on the results derived from the Vocational Profile, the student’s interests and the A-Level subjects right from the very first day, providing the student with an unparalleled strategy, support and enrichment.

During the first months of Year 12, each student will join two Co-Curricular Clubs aimed at offering tangible opportunities to discover the implications, skills and concepts of the degrees they want to study. Data Analytics, Coding in Python, Finance, Psychology, IR & Politics…under a practical approach, these Clubs build bridges with the student’s A-Level subjects while working on their previous concepts and deepening their interests on a weekly basis.

In parallel, our Mentoring Program gives each student tools to discover degrees and destinations, the implications of the application process and work on doubts that may arise.

After this first phase, halfway through the year, the students choose the Co-Curricular Club that best suits their university interests and then proceed to carry out a project to put into practice skills and concepts related to the university degree they will study. This could be a financial model from Amazon, a report on the political situation in Argentina, or a Python model that predicts whether a star will go supernova. This project is usually an outstanding piece of the university application, as it gives students a tangible experience on which to build their vocation and talk about their achievements. We call this the Co-Curricular Enrichment.

In Year 13, our Mentoring Programme helps provide ongoing and individual support with the application process, crystallising the university strategy and guiding the student throughout the process. 

In parallel, we do one last round of Co-Curricular Enrichment to further develop the profile of those students who have made up their minds and give those who have more doubts or have discovered new interests a final chance.

Academic Goals

At Virtus, we seek academic excellence, so that each student can achieve the best version of themselves and access the best possible university.

Beginning with the choice of A-Level subjects, the continuous contact with the teachers throughout the year allows us to work on the specific needs of each student in the different subjects, from basic gaps to the revision of a particular topic that was missed.

One of the goals of our Mentoring programme is for the students to be well organised at an academic level, make the most of the technological resources we offer, plan their exams well and acquire effective study techniques. We combine group workshops with individual Mentor-student meetings to draw up a unique strategy for each student to achieve the study goals, academic results and personal organisational standards. 

The academic performance of the students throughout the year allows us to adapt the type of support they receive in the different phases. Each period of internal examinations and their subsequent evaluation generate lines of work between teachers, management and the Mentoring Program, which match the academic goals of each student. 

For example, we organise specific study sessions and weekly tests in some subjects for students who need to be more consistent with their revision. We carry out Essay Writing, Exam Technique and Reading Comprehension workshops for students who show weaknesses in these areas. We coordinate additional classes for groups that go at a slower pace and with specific dynamics for those students with special educational needs.

In this way, throughout the two years at Virtus, our teachers have an unparalleled range of resources when it comes to channelling the needs they detect in their classes and our students benefit from tailor-made support to achieve their academic goals.

Personal Goals

The relationship we cultivate with each of our students is very special. The number of students per year group (40) means that nobody goes unnoticed; quite the opposite – Our students enjoy excellent pastoral care and psycho-pedagogical support, motivated by the involvement of the entire team with the Virtus community.

The Vocational Profile that we carry out on each student allows us to detect the aspects of their personality they need to enhance and which areas have potential for improvement. Examples of this are openness to new experiences, the development of leadership skills, the ability to reflect or creativity.

The Virtus community offers multiple opportunities for the holistic development of every student. From positions of responsibility in the Student Council, to excellence in any of the areas of our extensive Co-Curriculum or the participation and organisation of Clubs & Societies; our students’ interests and abilities leave their mark on our community while they find an ideal ecosystem to further enhance them.

Our Mentoring Programme, through its individualised support, puts the wellbeing of the students and pastoral care at the heart of our priorities. Our work with STEER Education allows us to have a proactive agenda for preventing and managing risks relating to the wellbeing of our students.  All our teachers and staff are trained in Safeguarding, ensuring that the school is a safe space.

We hold group workshops throughout the year on a variety of subjects, such as nutrition or stress management before exams. In conjunction with our PSHE program, which teaches personal finance management, basic laws or sexual education, our students receive an array of  tools for their personal development outside the classroom.