Mentoring rationale

Adapting to every student’s needs, every week. 

Our Mentoring

At Virtus, our Mentoring Programme is at the heart of our commitment to providing a truly personalised education for every student. We understand that academic, personal, and career needs are unique to each individual, and our Mentoring Programme is designed to recognise and support these needs in a holistic and tailored manner.

Personalised support

Our intent with the Mentoring Programme is to ensure that every student’s journey at Virtus is marked by individualised attention and care. We assign dedicated mentors to our students, who will work closely with them throughout their two-year experience at Virtus. This mentor-student relationship is a cornerstone of our Pastoral Care, fostering an environment where students feel supported, encouraged, and empowered to become confident and independent learners.

Supporting key skills

We recognise that certain skills are critical for success in academics and beyond. To equip our students with these essential skills, we have integrated skills, organisation, technological proficiency, and academic support into our Mentoring Programme. This not only helps students excel academically but also assists them in managing their study plans effectively, aligning with the demands of A-Level qualifications.

Holistic approach

Our curriculum approach is holistic, focusing on the intellectual growth and personal development of our students. Through a combination of expert teaching, mentoring, pastoral care, and career advice, we aim to extend and stimulate our students’ intellectual curiosity within and beyond the classroom.