Our fees are divided into 3 main concepts: the enrolment fee, the tuition for Year 12 and the tuition for Year 13.

Enrolment fee
and tuition

The enrolment fee must be paid within ten days of receiving a positive reply from the admissions team. Tuition is paid annually before the beginning of the academic year or in three equal instalments before the start of each term.

Virtus school reservation fees

Enrolment fee €5000

Registration: €2,900

(Covers the purchase of the iPad, Apple Pencil and Apple Keyboard, which become property of the student. It includes all textbooks and all teaching materials, uniform and educational licences and software for the two academic years).

Advance payment of Year 12 tuition: €2,100

Year 12

Tuition: €23,000*

*The advance payment of the Year 12 tuition will be deducted from the first invoice.

Year 13

Tuition: €23,000



for all families with two or more children registered at Virtus.

Other services not included in the tuition

Application fee: €200

Examination fees: €120 per exam.

Costs of school trips: variable, according to the academic year.

School bus: enquire about the bus service and costs.