Fees and scholarships

Our fees are divided into 3 main concepts: tuition fees, school lunch and additional fees.
The  DRIVE Scholarship rewards both academic achievement as well as outstanding achievements outside of academics.

School fees

All school fees are displayed in the tables below and classified into three main categories: tuition fees, school lunch and additional fees. Tuition is paid annually before the beginning of the academic year or in three equal instalments before the start of each term.

Registration is only formalised via the enrolment fee and this must be paid within ten days of receiving a positive reply from the admissions team.

Tuition fees

Year 12

Tuition: 23,000€*

Year 13

Tuition: 23,000€

**As part of the Enrolment Fee, there is an Advance Payment that  will be deducted from the first invoice of the Year 12 tuition.

Besides A-Level tuition and our Mentoring Programme, our fees include extensive enrichment and support including, but not limited to, co-curricular options, supported clinics, thorough preparation of worldwide university admissions tests, and IELTS preparation.

Enrolment fee 5000€

Registration: 3,500€

(Covers the purchase of the iPad, Apple Pencil and Apple Keyboard, which become property of the student. It includes all textbooks and all teaching materials, uniform and educational licences and software for the two academic years).

Advance Payment of Year 12 tuition: 1,500€

School lunch

First term


Second term


Third term


The school lunch costs are divided by term and the exact amount may vary according to the length of the term. 

Students allowed on study leave during the third term will only pay for the days they are at school, with a daily cost of lunch of 9,2€ (VAT included).

Additional fees


The price depends on the number of items purchased. The uniform consists of: polo, trousers, sweatshirt, sports t-shirt, sports shorts and long sports trousers.

School bus

There is a two-way school bus from Plaza Castilla. The school bus is paid per term. For transport from other locations, please consult with the admissions department.

Examination fees

Virtus students sit A-Level exams from the Edexcel and Cambridge examination boards. The price of each exam (paper) is €150.

If a student needs to sit exams from different examination boards, the price will depend on the cost registration at the time.

Application fee

Our admissions process involves, amongst others, meetings with parents and students, vocational tests, reports and permanent academic advice. The cost of applying to Virtus is 200€.

School trips

The costs of any school trip lasting at least one night will be charged. These will vary depending on the trip itself.

and scholarships



for all families with
two or more children enrolled in Virtus.

DRIVE scholarships

At Virtus, we promote our DRIVE values amongst all of our students: Discipline, Resilience, Integrity, Vision, Enthusiasm. The  DRIVE Scholarship rewards both academic achievement as well as outstanding achievements outside of academics. The scholarship seeks to promote an enriching contribution to our community by facilitating the study of A-Levels at our school. 

The award of the scholarship implies a 15% reduction of the tuition costs throughout the two years and is conceded to two students at the start of Year 12. Please contact our Admissions department for more information.

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