Welcome to the Virtus College International University Fair!

Would you like to meet the best universities in the world?

Join us at the Virtus College International University Fair, where you will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of prestigious universities from around the world. This is the perfect event to ask questions and learn more about these universities.

An event for parents and students!

Thursday, June 6th

16:00 to 19:00

Virtus, The British Sixth Form College

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Featured Universities

Imperial College London (UK)

Unlock your potential in science, engineering, medicine, and business at this top-ranked institution.

Università Bocconi (Italy)

Embrace the intersection of business, economics, and social sciences at Italy's leading university.

University of Guelph (Canada)

Experience excellence in education and immerse yourself in Canada's vibrant academic community.

Lancaster University Leipzig (Germany)

Gain a truly international education experience with Lancaster University's campus in Leipzig.

Instituto de Empresa (Spain)

Step into a multicultural environment at this university located in the heart of Madrid. IE is renowned for degrees in business, law, technology, and humanities.

University of Glasgow (UK)

Immerse yourself in a rich academic tradition and vibrant student life at Scotland's prestigious university.

Griffith College (Ireland)

Discover Ireland's leading independent college offering a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Royal Holloway (UK)

Engage with a diverse and inclusive community at one of London's most beautiful campuses.

University of Chicago (USA)

Discover a world-class education renowned for its intellectual rigour and interdisciplinary approach.

Swiss Education Group (Switzerland)

Delve into the world of hospitality, business, and culinary arts with Switzerland's premier education provider.

Keele University (UK)

Explore innovative programs and cutting-edge research opportunities at one of the UK's leading universities.

Sommet Education (Switzerland)

Prepare for a successful career in hospitality management with world-renowned programs in Switzerland.

NHL Stenden (Netherlands)

Experience innovative, hands-on learning and global perspectives at this leading Dutch university.

University of Otago (New Zealand)

Explore world-class academic programs and stunning natural landscapes at New Zealand's oldest university.

UWE, Bristol (UK)

Discover UWE Bristol, a university focused on solving future global challenges through outstanding learning, world-leading research and a culture of enterprise.

University of Worcester (UK)

Experience personalised learning and practical skills training at this dynamic UK institution.

Virtus College

At Virtus College, we are dedicated to empowering students to reach their full potential through comprehensive university preparation programs. Our mission is to guide and support students on their academic journey, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in a globalised world.

Preparation for university at Virtus College

Our university preparation program is designed to provide students with a solid foundation for success in higher education. From personalised academic counselling to intensive preparation for admission exams, we offer the most specialised support to help students navigate confidently through the university admissions process.

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