Residential Accommodation

It has never been so easy to feel at home.

Premium facilities next to school

At Virtus College, we offer a safe, comfortable, and enriching environment for our students, while nurturing the skills and confidence needed for independence. That’s why, through our partnership with premium accommodation providers, we offer residential accommodation to make our students feel at home.

Our residential accommodations are equipped with an array of excellent amenities aimed at enhancing your academic and personal life. Students have the option to select from multiple studio apartments, all of which come with private bathrooms and kitchenettes, offering both comfort and privacy. Additionally, every complex is outfitted with state-of-the-art security systems, ensuring a safe and protected setting for you to excel in.

Our residential accommodation experience is the perfect opportunity for international students who want to study A-Levels in Madrid and make the most of their pre-university years at Virtus College.

Leisure and wellness amenities

Maintaining a balance between academic responsibilities and personal wellness is essential. Our residential accommodations feature numerous recreational facilities to ensure students remain active and engaged. Students can enjoy a modern gym, an outdoor swimming pool for both leisure and fitness, and welcoming common areas designed for socialising and group work. These amenities provide ideal opportunities for relaxation and fostering connections with peers.

Fitness Center

Outdoor swimming pool


Social activities

A vibrant community

Our accommodation providers ensure a dynamic and welcoming living environment. They arrange a variety of social activities, workshops, cooking classes, language lessons, and book clubs to create a sense of community and promote interaction among students. To provide additional support, our dedicated Residential Coordinators conduct regular check-ins, help with academic work, time management, and overall well-being, organise meal plans, and keep in touch with families, guaranteeing that students receive comprehensive care and support throughout their stay.

Discover the Magic of life in Madrid

Living in Madrid as an A-Level student is an enriching and exciting experience. This unique city offers a mix of culture, history, and modernity, providing an ideal environment for students’ academic and personal growth.

As Virtus College students, you will combine access to high-quality Sixth Form education while enjoying an active social life, with countless museums, parks, and cultural events within reach. Additionally, the safety and dynamism of Madrid make it a welcoming and stimulating place for young students, giving them the opportunity to develop their independence and explore new opportunities in one of Europe’s most exciting capitals

Madrid is easily accessible within Spain by train, and to the rest of the world by air. As a flourishing city, Madrid is a hub to international business and travel which makes it easy for students to stay in touch with family while they live independently.