Beyond the classroom

At Virtus we nurture students to be intellectually curious and ambitious.
Much of the personal and professional development takes places outside the classroom, as well as within it.

Stretch and challenge

Outside the classroom, there are a host of possibilities to stretch and challenge the more able students: both in the form of tangible qualifications which are externally validated and internationally recognised, and in the form of experiences which enhance students´ learning experiences and personal development. 

The EPQ stands for Extended Project Qualification. It is equivalent to an AS qualification and awarded UCAS points depending on the grades achieved. It is graded from A*- U  and is a strong addition to students´ profile. Similarly, the Certificate in Financial Studies validated by London Institute of Banking & Finance offers students the possibility to add to their CV another external recognised qualification.  Many of these opportunities are unique to Virtus as we are the only Sixth Form College in Spain to offer some of them. This strategy is designed to to meet the expectations of top universities who expect more able students to have these qualifications, or equivalent, as it sets them apart from other students.

Furthermore, National and International essay based competitions such as the Locke Psychology Competition  hosted by Royal Holloway university in the UK provides humanities students with a chance to excel in a subject they love. In addition, our top scientists and mathematicians are given the opportunity to take part in internationally recognised competitions such as UKMT, Maths, Physics and Biology Olympiads. These competitions provide tangible value, and are fantastic moments as well as useful experiences which shape students’ resilience and motivation.

Expanding beyond these extension opportunities, the IELTS test offers another layer of qualifications to students and meets the criteria of many international universities. We prepare students for this test through lessons to ensure that they receive the best possible chance of success. 

At Virtus, the learning never stops.