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Virtus is a Sixth Form College, a British school specialised exclusively in the A-Level stage (15-18 years of age) and university entry. Our mission is to bring out the potential of future generations by offering them a cutting-edge education focused on personalisation, innovation and excellence.

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Virtus is a unique British Sixth Form school, with a bespoke model of education that shapes the way A-Level students learn, interact and successfully secure top university places.

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British Education,

A British school with 90 students split into two year groups (Year 12 and Year 13) with a flexible educational programme that meets the needs of every student. We provide a cutting-edge education that makes use of the best tools from the education sector, an innovative methodology based on active learning with an emphasis on the acquisition of 21st century skills and competencies.

Average of 5 students
per class

Our educational environment in small groups allows for high-quality education, a stronger support system and greater affinity between the teaching staff and students, while allowing us to provide all the tools necessary to nurture their individual potential and achieve better results.

Unrivalled preparation
for university

At the core of our Educational Programme is a unique approach aimed at strategising, supporting and enriching our students’ individual profiles for access to university. Prior to entering Year 12, we analyse each student’s starting point through the use of vocational tests to help us design an individual Roadmap for the upcoming two years. The school management together with the teachers work tirelessly to meet the milestones and ensure that the knowledge, requirements and competencies for their choice of degree are worked on in those two crucial years.

A thriving Sixth Form community where students come first

We have a warm, thriving Sixth Form community. In our school, students come first. We pride ourselves on having an excellent relationship with each student and ensure that they always feel supported and listened to. Not only do we strive to enrich our environment, but we also invest in inspiring teachers who are adept at understanding young adults

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First-class facilities
in La Moraleja

Visit our new facilities at C/Salvia 46 (La Moraleja)

A tailored-made architectural project to create a space that meets the needs of a Sixth Form College and offers an environment with unlimited opportunities for personal development.

Virtus, British Sixth Form College La Moraleja facade

Education that lasts
a lifetime


Virtus, The British Sixth Form College has been rated by Forbes Magazine in the Top of the best 100 schools in Spain.