A unique model

British education

Welcome to Virtus, the Sixth Form College of Madrid, a vibrant and innovative British Sixth Form College devoted to academic excellence and to a holistic education focused on British values and 21st century skills.

Our DNA combines a strong commitment to British values and the British curriculum, a centuries-old successful tradition, with a high-quality educational approach, where personalisation and innovation are the vital pillars on which we rely to help our students achieve their goals.

Tailoring to specific student needs and innovation are the pillars of our methodology

Our mission
and values

We believe in a holistic education, not only exam-driven but also oriented towards creating well-rounded and curious individuals with a developed capacity for critical thinking.

Virtus, the Sixth Form College of Madrid is committed to:


Offering a holistic education through which students develop skills that will allow them to achieve excellence in their subjects and their university interests, as well as to be competent 21st century professionals.


Fostering the individuality and independence of each student, the responsible use of freedom, and the best habits for the pursuit of truth and excellence in learning.


Encouraging critical thinking, oral presentation skills, performance under pressure, and intellectual curiosity through a firm encouragement of the performing arts and debates.


Cultivating a small community in which the intimacy and closeness, the support, and the prominence of each student in the community play a key role in the physical, psychological, and emotional development of the students.


Promoting daily effort, enthusiasm, and self-confidence as keys to personal success, and tolerance and integrity as essential values to succeed in society.

A pre-university
experience with
unique support

The Virtus, the Sixth Form College of Madrid model is inspired by the tutorial system in place at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. Through our Mentoring Programme, our students receive weekly personalised support from a tutor who will be by their side throughout their time at Virtus, Sixth Form College.

As a Sixth Form College, we are fully focused on the British curriculum for 16 to 18 year-olds (A-Levels). Our facilities, clubs and societies, implementation of technology in the classroom, emphasis on university support, and attitude towards the student body are designed to offer tailored support for this age group and this educational cycle.

The result is an ecosystem with a pre-university feel, where students can discover their interests and passions through supra-curricular activities, aimed at reinforcing skills related to their university aspirations. Our educational programme seeks to develop critical thinking and an interest in culture, and channel these through a meaningful contribution to the Virtus, the Sixth Form College of Madrid community.

With the iPad, Apple Pencil, and keyboard as their main working tool, Virtus, the Sixth Form College of Madrid students have an almost businesslike set-up, working with the best digital tools and benefiting from a continuous gateway to the internet and its content. Beyond the possibilities in and out of the classroom, our Mentoring Programme helps students from day one in order to use this freedom responsibly and to develop good practises in research, study, organisation, and in dealing with the pressure associated with A-Levels.

By doing so, Virtus, the Sixth Form College of Madrid combines personalised, comprehensive, and tailored support throughout the year with an environment in which the search for truth, the development of critical thinking, and the responsible use of the freedom we give our students are encouraged by the entire Virtus, the Sixth Form College of Madrid team.

A holistic education for the future

The main mission of Virtus, the Sixth Form College of Madrid is to prepare students to be competent 21st century professionals with transversal skills that will enable them to succeed in their current stage at Virtus, the Sixth Form College of Madrid, and later at university and in the world of work.

To this end, our model incorporates the acquisition of these skills through our educational proposal inside and outside the classroom.

Through our Mentoring Programme, mentors identify which skills and competences students need to develop through continuous contact with their subject teachers. This allows them to work on these skills in specific sessions. In addition, our Mentors place particular emphasis on the development of study plans, organisational skills, and study techniques, offering students vital support as they progress through their A-Levels.

Weekly one-to-one contact between the mentor and the student also offers them opportunities to develop skills related to their university interests. An initial assessment of skills and interests enables the Mentoring Programme to adapt the results of this assessment into our supra-curricular programme.

From the creation of specific partnerships, such as the school newspaper for students with an interest in journalism, to specific programming workshops for students who wish to explore engineering, our educational approach is tailored to the development of skills and knowledge that students need, ultimately resulting in greater awareness and excellent applications in the process of transitioning to university.

At Virtus, the Sixth Form College of Madrid we promote the development of skills that help our students function in today’s world of work, in which adaptability, communication, reasoning skills, and digital competences play a key role

Our model incorporates the acquisition of these skills through our educational programme inside and outside the classroom.

Our commitment to the performing arts and debates as a pivotal element of our supra-curricular proposal allows our students to develop qualities associated with leadership that are useful in any work environment, such as oral expression skills, argumentative capacity, the ability to work under pressure, and performative skills. In addition, the topics arising from these two activities are the perfect foundations to cultivate an interest in culture, current affairs, and intellectual curiosity in our students.

Lastly, at Virtus, the Sixth Form College of Madrid we encourage proper physical, mental, and emotional development. In addition to our facilities, designed in detail to optimise collaboration, socialisation, and comfort among our students, we seek to provide them with tools that will allow them to adopt healthy routines and overcome obstacles in their daily lives. Our sports programme, our meditation programme, and our nutrition workshops are some examples of this commitment, which allows our students to develop techniques that will be useful throughout their whole lives.