A Pioneering British Sixth Form School

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What is Virtus College?

Virtus College is a unique British Sixth Form school specialising exclusively in the last two years of education (A-Levels) and university entry, with a mission to unlock the potential of future generations through a cutting-edge education focused on personalisation, innovation, and excellence. 

With only 90 students divided into Year 12 and Year 13, Virtus College offers a bespoke educational model that shapes the way students learn and secure top university places.

Virtus College is very different to a traditional British school; it is a high-quality learning experience filled with opportunities for students’ professional, academic, and personal development.

Access the world's best universities

Leading A-Level education

Qualified and vocational teachers

Premium teaching quality

Academic and professional development

Specialise in 3 or 4 A-Level subjects





English Language

English Literature


Further Mathematics



Media Studies




Examinations in January and May

Year 12

Year 13

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Average of 5 students per class

Virtus College offers the most bespoke British education in Europe, with small class sizes averaging five students per class and capped at a maximum of ten. This intimate educational environment ensures high-quality learning, a robust support system, and strong bonds between teaching staff and students, allowing each student to achieve their full potential.

Elite Mentoring Programme

Improving Personal Organisation

Enhancing Study Techniques

Technological competencies

Psychological, emotional
and physical wellbeing

performance strategies

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A thriving community where students come first

In our school, students come first. With two year groups of 45 students each, Virtus College nurtures a warm, supportive community where lifelong relationships are built and everyone feels part of a family.  We pride ourselves on having an excellent relationship with each student and not only do we strive to enrich our environment, but we also invest in inspiring teachers who are adept at understanding young adults.

Stunning campus and accommodation in Madrid

Calle de la Salvia, 46
28109 Alcobendas – Madrid

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