Bienvenida de la directora

Como colegio británico especializado en la etapa de A-Level, nos enfocamos en todo lo relacionado con brindar una educación pre-universitaria excelente y holística.

Welcome to Virtus,
The British Sixth Form College

Unashamedly ambitious, at Virtus, we specialise in providing a Sixth Form journey that is bespoke to each student. Our unique educational model is holistic, personalised, inspiring and aimed at preparing our pupils for life beyond the Virtus gates. With a provision underpinned by our core values of Discipline, Resilience, Integrity, Vision and Enthusiasm, we nurture good character; foster students who are able to think critically, work independently, and contribute positively to the wider community. 

Our diverse A-Level offer, ambitious target grades, and a curriculum which matches each individual’s profile and career aspirations, means we create unique Sixth Form experience for each individual. This, coupled with weekly mentoring meetings, and a tailored Co-Curricular Programme, Sixth Form life at Virtus is distinctive, lively and fulfilling. 

Our school is characterised by our holistic person-centred approach as we closely guide our students throughout their two most important academic years. By offering small class sizes and providing excellent teaching, we ensure they succeed at each stage of their education and go on to secure fantastic opportunities at top-tier universities. Our teachers get to know our students really well and are able to both support and challenge them. Being a Sixth Form College, we put a strong emphasis on every aspect that revolves around successful university applications. For example, with our Engineering, Business, Medicine and Oxbridge pathways; each student’s ambitions are supported and nurtured. In this sense, our Co-Curricular Programme plays a vital role in enabling students’ development of essential 21st Century skills.

What makes us unique is also the warm atmosphere, the relationships and the genuine care we offer our students.Virtus is a community where we are so much more than exam results. Our teaching staff go the extra mile for our students with lunch time classes for topics they feel unsure of, to stretch and challenge classes for the more able students. As a Sixth Form College we also see it as a duty to shape well rounded global citizens of the future. Each student is expected to volunteer; to give back to their community, to be there for others because manners and kindness cost nothing, yet help us create the world we want to live in. 

I warmly invite you to come and visit.

Kind regards,

Sandra Radford